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Volume One-1930-1960 •Includes 2458 Pages of Information on Prewar, Wartime and Postwar VWs

•1070 Pages of Text-

•600 Color Illustrations-

•85 Parts Charts-

Volume Two-1961-1980 •Includes 2975 Pages of Information on 1961-1980 West German Production VWs & 1978-2004 Sedans From Brazil & Mexico

•831 Pages of Text-

•786 Color Illustrations

•91 Parts Charts

•Worldwide Special Edition Model Charts, Illustrations & Equipment Lists

Both Volumes Contain

•6 Color Chip Lists-

•1938-1952 RAL Color Chip List

•1945-1952 Occupation Color Chip List

•1947-1980 West German Color Chip List

•1954-1976 Australia-Only Color Chip List

•1978-2004 Mexico Production Color Chip List

•1984-1996 Brazil Color Chip List

•Hundreds Of Detailed Color Charts For Each Model Year And Type

•Worldwide Engine Charts

•Worldwide Transaxle Charts

•Carburetor Charts

"Volkswagen Beetle The Car Of The Century"-the Original-was written to illustrate and plainly explain virtually every change made to each year VW Beetle sold in the United States and the Canadian markets into 1980. We have also added information concerning VW Beetles built for Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Europe, France, the UK, West Germany, Mexico, South Africa and South America. The Brazil and Mexico information includes the last special edition 2004 models built in July 2003. This reference manual was carefully researched and compiled over a period exceeding forty five years. If you are familiar with and you've been looking for copies of "Volkswagen Beetle The Car Of The Century," good news is here! The original books are revised, expanded and will soon be available for purchase in the PDF format for Windows based computers. There is the chance that the latest copy protection system may include availability on Mac machines as well but this has not yet been determined.
Maybe you remember when "Volkswagen Beetle The Car Of The Century" received great reviews in "Dune Buggies and Hot VW's" in 1987 and again in 1988?
John Hilgerdt recommended "Volkswagen Beetle The Car Of The Century" in John Muir's "How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive-A Manual Of Step By Step Proceedures For The Compleat Idiot" back in 1990. This was one of the "two books I wouldn't be without," the first being John Muir's, for repair operations, and the other, the original series "Volkswagen Beetle The Car Of The Century."
"VW Trends"
also penned a great review for both volumes of "Volkswagen Beetle The Car Of The Century" in 1993.

"Volkswagen Beetle The Car Of The Century" is now available in Two separate Volumes for PC's containing thousands of pages overall, in full color, including hundreds of illustrations, Information Charts, Parts Charts and Color Chip Pages containing Color Chip and Interior Cloth and Leatherette Samples in easily searchable PDF form, not counting the introduction pages repeated at the start of each volume.
All of the information you will ever need can be found in this one source which has been recognized as one of, if not the very best of them all!
The latest Third Series "Volkswagen Beetle The Car Of The Century" CD Books were supposed to replace the download-type Four Volume Second Series (with its troublesome locking system) that had replaced the original heavy paper volumes of the 1980's in 2005-2006. Everything is revised once again including the incorporation and clearing up of all of the information provided in VW's own "Progressive Refinements." Information was expanded so much that we had to divide "Volkswagen Beetle the Car of the Century " into Two CD Volumes. Volume One covers all cars from 1930 when Ferdinand Porsche decided to start his own auto consulting firm through the 1960 model year. Volume Two includes all 1961 through 1979 models years. The 1979 model year was extended into the 1980 calendar year. Volume Two also includes information on Brazilian and Mexican-built sedans from 1978 through the 2004 model years. We have included part numbers to every change listed in each revised edition of "Volkswagen Beetle the Car of the Century" including nuts,bolts and washers through 1980! Much more detail has been added to the newest Series including all chassis numbers from 1938 through 2004.
The Full 1947-1980 Color Chip List included in each Volume of "Volkswagen Beetle The Car Of The Century" states the exact location of each paint coating including all colors used by VW for all air-cooled Type One model Volkswagens built from 1938 to 1980 built throughout the world, many which were never seen here in North America. Color chips in each volume of "Volkswagen Beetle The Car Of The Century" include coatings applied to steering columns, seat frames, and all other component paint colors. Complicated wheel rim colors are also fully detailed for all model years. All illustrations are keyed to match the original colors applied to each VW.

You can get used to "Volkswagen Beetle The Car Of The Century" CD/E Books quickly, search capabilities are amazing! Bookmarks are complete and detailed. Links are provided for all charts, illustrations and auxiliary text such as that necessary for the unique 1945 VW51 front and rear axles. As you read the content, you click in the box and there is an illustration or a chart to explain the text further! Join the cutting edge of the CD/E book revolution! Simply type in "intake manifold" and everything pertaining to intake manifolds shows up on the right side of your monitor screen! Type in "speedometer" and everything pertaining to speedometers shows up on the screen! Type in a Part Number and follow it's course throughout each volume. Click on the right side window information to check what you want to research. You will note that one particular part might be used for several model years. The rear lid you might need for your '57 was only fitted from the middle of 1955; the types fitted from late 1952 through early 1955 were similar but different!

We had made investment in expensive CD publishing equipment and were prepared to begin issuing new CDs late in 2009. They were to be offered in Volume One 1930-1960 and Volume Two 1961-2004 versions. Initial testing of the copy-protect system appeared to work. The current delay was caused by an incompatibility discovered in the latest attempt to protect the content contained in the CDs from hackers and thieves. The "Lock" when applied to the PDF Files protected the content but also locked out all of the illustrations and the links within the volumes which all but rendered them useless. We are searching for yet another method of protection and have not been able to find one that's cost effective.

"Volkswagen Beetle The Car Of The Century " is not associated with or authorized by VWAG or Volkswagen Of America. VW, Volkswagen, Beetle, Super Beetle, Type Two, Type Three, Karmann Ghia, Safari 181, Thing, Etc. are registered trademarks of Volkswagenwerk AG. "Volkswagen Beetle The Car Of The Century" is in no way connected with, or sponsored by Volkswagen Of America Or VWAG. Use of the name Volkswagen is for Identification Purposes Only.